Burglar Bars

Clearview Burglar Bars

Transparent burglar bars that allow for visibility!

Maxi-View Ultra bars provide you with protection, as well an attractive, see-through installation.

The Maxi-View Ultra can only be installed by one of our trained Certified Armed Bar Installers.

Aesthetically pleasing

Aesthetically pleasing transparent bars.


  • Apartment Buildings
  • complexes 
  • Upstairs window frames
  • Medium to low risk environments

Burglar Bars

In South Africa, adding Custom Window Security Burglar-Bars in your home or office can be quite a challenging task. The Maxi-Grill Burglar Bars are designed to fit neatly inside the space of any regular window or opening. Our unique tamper-proof fastening design ensures the more you tamper with our product, the better it protects.

*Standard color options: Black, Brown, White, Charcoal and Oyster White. P.O.A. (Price Subject To Measurements), Contact us for a custom Quote.

Why Choose the Our Burglar Bars

Maxi Burglar Bars can be utilized on any opening! Our designs are not restricted by shape or size, allowing you to ensure your premises is secured to the max. Our modular burglar bar designs ensure a perfect fit, every time.

The Maxi Burglar Bars are used in both residential and commercial application, offering an added barrier of strength. Our Burglar Bars have a unique tamper proof system that simply roots the Burglar Bars in further, when tampered with.

The Design

Maxidor’s Burglar Bars are all constructed with CO2 welds, this ensures a stronger weld that can withstand various pulling forces. Our Burglar Bars are fitted with style flights, for added rigidity and strength, these style flights also anchor in with the unique chemical anchoring process. Coupled with anti tamper systems and hardware, the Maxi-Grill Burglar Bars are as strong as they come.


The Burglar Bars are completed in a T.G.I.C Grade of powder coating, the UV stabilized T.G.I.C ensures that your product will never fade or yellow as time goes on. The product is offered in an array of standard color options such as: Black, Brown, White & Charcoal, with fully customizable colors available on request.