Maxidor Burglar Bars

The Maxi-Gate Burglar Door is a strong, welded steel security gate. The high-quality finish ensures years of wear and protection against harsh South African weather. Our Security Swing Burglar Gate or Safety Gate features a high-security lock. The lock box has a bubble-like design to protect the lock cylinder. Should the cylinder be removed when the gate is in the locked position, the mechanism will not be accessible, and the gate will remain locked. *Standard color options: Black, Brown, White, Charcoal and Oyster White. P.O.A. (Price Subject To Measurements), Contact us for a custom Quote.

Specially Welded

CO2 Welding introduces carbon ensuring a stronger weld. No tac welding is used.

Frames and Flight syles

Manufactured with a 25mm x 25mm steel frame and 16mm x 16mm square uprights. Aesthetically finished with strong flights. * Can be customized for pets

Why Choose Maxidor Burglar Doors

Our Burglar Doors are used in a variety of applications in both the residential and commercial market. Burglar Doors can be used as an alternative security barrier to expandable gates. Maxidor’s Burglar Door range offers you a strong, welded, steel barrier of protection.

Our Burglar Door range is fitted with a custom lock box that has been designed to protect the lock’s cylinder. The Yale lock has a dead lock system, if the locks cylinder has to be removed whilst the gate is in the locked position, the gate will remain locked. This provides you with a fortified solution to brute force attacks. The Yale lock that we utilize is referred to as The World’s Strongest Lock.

The Design

Maxidor’s Burglar Doors are all constructed with CO2 welds, this ensures a stronger weld that can withstand various pulling forces. No tig welding is used in the construction of these products. The frame is manufactured with 25x25mm steel, and further strengthened with 16x16mm square uprights. As an added extra, we are able to customize these gates to accommodate for pet entrances.

Our Security Burglar Doors fit against the wall and door frame, using a specific attachment security technique to prevent physical attacks from breaching the door. The doors are fitted using Anti-tamper screws which prevents damage on the exterior of the door.

The Finish

The Burglar Doors are completed in a T.G.I.C Grade of powder coating, the UV stabilized T.G.I.C ensures that your product will never fade or yellow as time goes on. The product is offered in an array of standard color options such as: Black, Brown, White & Charcoal, with fully customizable colors available on request.